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For the whole month of May, Mr. Kalaw assumed the role and tasks of Regional Director Arnel V. de Mesa in the observance of Farmers’ and Fisherfolk’s Month.

“As Farmer-Director, I experienced how hard Sir Arnel’s work is. Being a director is like being a father. You always think of ways how you can best provide for your children, teach them to be independent. As the director, the small farmers are your children, you need to give them what they really need so they can stand on their own,” Mr. Kalaw said.

Mr. Kalaw is the Chairperson of the Regional Agricultural and Fishery Council (RAFC) representing the farmers in the private sector in CALABARZON. On this note, he said that he really felt the respect and appreciation of the Department of Agriculture to the farmers. He saw how much effort is put in order to deliver the necessary interventions to our farmers. • RFL, DA-RAFIS