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As part of the social responsibility of the Department of Agriculture Region IV-CALABARZON, its Corn and Cassava Program conducted a seminar on gender and development (GAD) for the women of Calamba Upland Farmers’ Multi-Purpose Cooperative and Marawoy Women’s Association, Inc. on August 1 – 2, 2019 at Lipa Agricultural Research and Experiment Station (LARES) Training Hall in Batangas.

According to LARES Superintendent and Corn and Cassava Program Coordinator Ms. Avelita M. Rosales, “Women shall be recognized as full and equal partners of men in the field of agriculture and they should share an equal role in this sector.”

The main goal of GAD in agriculture is focused on the formation of gender equality so that more women will be encouraged to participate in farming activities.

Furthermore, the Agricultural Program Coordinating Officer (APCO) of Batangas Fidel L. Libao said that holding this kind of seminar will help the agency promote gender equality and women economic empowerment.

The activity was attended by around 30 men and women of the said participating associations in Laguna and Batangas.

Also, different topics were discussed including GAD and its importance, laws related to it, and analysis of gender issues and concerns. ● JBGA, DA-RAFIS