Department of Agriculture (DA) Region IV-CALABARZON endorsed 2,500 marginalized and small farmers and fisherfolk (MSFF) and 19 micro and small enterprises (MSEs) to DA’s Agricultural Credit Policy Council (ACPC) to help them recover their losses during the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine period. 

This program aims to provide loan assistance to MSFF and MSEs engaged in agricultural and fishery production, and other supply chain activities in order to ensure the availability of food supply, especially in areas under quarantine such as Metro Manila and other demand centers.

MSFF who are affected by the quarantine due to COVID-19 are eligible for the Department’s loan assistance through ACPC. They should also be listed on the Registry System for Basic Sectors in Agriculture. They can borrow up to P25 thousand per household with zero percent interest payable for 10 years. A total of 2,500 MSFF from 108 cities and municipalities in CALABARZON have already been referred to the ACPC by the regional office for evaluation and release of loans. 

For the agri-fishery MSEs, whether it is a single proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or cooperative, they should be willing to deliver or supply the SUrvival and REcovery (SURE) COVID-19 loan assistance to DA-KADIWA ni Ani at Kita centers and consumers of high consumption markets like Metro Manila and other demand centers. That business also should be registered with the Cooperative Development Authority, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Department of Labor and Employment. Their business should be operational for at least one year, with proven management capacity to implement project and readily available farmers’ or fisherfolk’s agricultural products or commodities. 

Depending on the financial requirement of their business, the loanable amount for an eligible MSE is up to P10 thousand. With zero percent interest, they will be able to pay over a span of five years, including one-year grace period. A total of 19 MSEs have currently been endorsed to the ACPC by DA CALABARZON. ● (MAP, DA-RAFIS)